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The tour

IMG_0646.jpgHi all. After breakfast yesterday morning Urs and Christine took us on a tour of the area. We toured some nice homes and then stopped for lunch. After lunch we were checking out Charlotte when all the excitement happened. We were heading back to the house, stopped in traffic, when a woman broadsided us in the back door. She took off into a parking lot; we jumped out of the car and chased her. She was heading for the exit, when a young man who was behind us saw what was happening and blocked the exit with his car. Another person, nice young girl who saw the whole incident, stopped and waited for the police to arrive and gave a statement. We were able to drive the car after Urs adjusted the back wheel well so it wasn’t rubbing on the tire. Needless to say, when we returned home everyone was a little on edge. After things calmed down, we had a nice dinner and several bottles of wine and some good conversation. Everything wrapped up around 11:30 and we all headed off to bed

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NC Urs and Christine

Urs & Christine back yard

Urs & Christine back yard

back yard

back yard

IMG_0643.jpgIMG_0645.jpgHi all, we left GA around 9 this morning, heading to NC to hook up with Urs and Christine. Heavy traffic on 95 and where we turned off in SC on 26W was just crazy. Everyone was heading to the mountains to cool off for the weekend. Slow drive for about 50 miles. We arrived at Urs and Christine’s around 2 and it was great seeing them in their beautiful home. We canceled the rest of the trip and we are staying here until they throw us out. Well, they are throwing us out on Tuesday, so much for the extended stay. We had a nice lunch and dinner at the club house last night. I think we stay up to 11, talking and sipping some wine. We told Urs we get up at 6 in the morning, so he showed us how to start the coffee. Long story short, we slept until 8 and the coffee was already made by the time we came down. We had a nice breakfast on the patio and watched the golfers teeing off while we decide what we are doing next. We will keep you posted. And it’s hotter here than in Florida.

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Brunswick GA

IMG_0639.jpg5IMG_0636.jpgIMG_0638.jpgIMG_0637.jpgWe spent the afternoon and evening in Brunswick GA. Checked in at the Comfort Suites and headed out to St Simon Island. We had a cold beer and some gumbo at Gnats Landing. We found another restaurant, Catch 228, half price drinks and raw oysters for 38 cents. So, two more PBR’s and two dozen oysters later, lunch was over. We hooked up with Fred and Lorraine, our son Craig’s in-laws. Lovely home with a view overlooking the ocean. We spent time on the deck catching up on the kids and grand kids before going out for dinner. We had dinner at Sea Island and toured where the G-8 Summit was held a few years back. The evening wrapped up around 11 and we took the long drive back to the hotel. We leave today for North Carolina where we hook up with Urs and Christine. We are looking forward to seeing them. That’s all folks.

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Heading to GA tomorrow

Annette and Dad

Annette and Dad

Well today is another day. We left the hotel early this morning and went to AC central. The boss promised we would have AC by tonight. And low and behold we have AC. The temp is back down to 80 and heading lower. We had a great Cuban lunch. The food was outstanding and the bill was $13.50 for both of us. We were hoping it came with golf but no such luck. We head out in the morning for Brunswick GA and we should be arriving sometime in the early afternoon. Looking forward to oysters and shrimp and maybe a low country boil at one of our old hangouts. Let’s hope the AC makes it through the night. Attached is a pick of Annette and her dad.

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And the beat goes on

We left Bonita around 9AM in the morning and were 10 miles down the road before we realized we forgot to turn off the water. Great start to the trip. We arrived at Zephyrhills around noon and 3 hours later found out the AC didn’t work. The same AC Annette had fixed 3 weeks ago. So here we are in a hotel with the AC blasting, cable TV and breakfast in the morning. Life is just great. On a side note, do you know it’s cheaper to stay in a motel then fill up the car? What’s up with that! Annette’s dad is doing well and all the women love him. I guess you have to hit 90 before you become a stud. Oh well, tomorrow we work on the AC problem run some errands and hope for a better day.

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