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Abe Lincoln early years

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August 29 2011
We spent the early morning searching for a Gazebo to drink our coffee. We definitely miss those mornings looking out over the lake and talking about anything and everything. Oh well, maybe next year. What can I say about Indiana, corn, corn and more corn! It’s mile after mile of corn fields. The people are really friendly, they have been hit hard by the economy but they have a great attitude. Hope and change passed them by. Sorry it just slipped out.
We started out in the morning looking for an Amish Village in Gasthof. After several faults starts we found Gasthof. It consisted of an antique store and Amish buffet. The other thing we found out, most restaurants and Amish activities are closed on Monday. That included the winery that we wanted to see. We did find a local restaurant that was opened and had fish and chips. We learned that chips don’t necessarily mean French fries. Chips are chips and French fries are French fries. Two meals and a beverage, $14.00 dollars, not too shabby. After lunch we headed off to Lincoln Hills. It’s a national park that depicts the early years of Abe Lincoln. The Lincoln family moved from Kentucky to Indiana early on and he spent most of his early years in this area before moving on to Illinois in his twenties. His mother was instrumental in his home education and instilled in him his passion to read. She died early on from milk sickness, caused by cows eating snakeroot. After his move to Illinois, the rest is history. That about rounded out the day and now it’s back to the condo for happy hour and a home cooked meal. See you all soon.
We hope all you folks on the east coast are safe. Cape Cod lost power and had some downed trees but escaped in fairly good shape. It looks like some of the other folks didn’t do as well. Give us a shout and let us know if everything is ok. For a category 1 storm, it sure caused a lot of damage.
Bob and Annette

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Check out French Lick

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August 28, 2011
After breakfast we headed out to check out French Lick and the adjourning town of West Baden. We walked around the old town of French Lick, about a 3 minute walk, and poked in and out of the local shops. While we were in a local art shop, we talked with the owner, who said he use to play pickup baseball with Larry Bird and his brother. He had some funny stories to tell. He believes what pushed Larry Bird to play basketball, was his few years working on a garbage truck. We had lunch at the 33 Brick Street. It’s a local sports bar with all sorts of Larry Bird memorabilia. They even have a back room with a one way mirror that was built for Bird, because he liked to smoke his cigars and party with his friends. That’s the story anyway. They also said he was stopping by any minute, funny waitress. The truth is, they haven’t seen him in years.
In the afternoon we toured the two grand hotels in French Lick and Baden. The West Baden Springs hotel and the French Lick Hotel have both been around since 1850. The French Lick Hotel with a wraparound deck is attached to the casino. The Baden Springs Hotel has a huge domed open circular area in the center, with the guest rooms all around, with balconies facing the inside. The outer circle has all the shops, spas, and small individual rooms to hide out in. It too has an outside wraparound deck with rocking chairs. When you see the town and then see the hotels, the two just don’t match. We will definitely have a cocktail on the deck before we leave. Believe it or not it’s 5:30 already, where does the time go.
Bob and Annette

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Travel French Lick

August 27, 2011

Drive day today. We checked in at our condo in French Lick IN and did some shopping. Now we are sitting on the deck overlooking the casino. Nice unit with two bedrooms. We are eating in tonight and will check out the town tomorrow. We miss everyone.
Bob and Annette

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Leaving great friends


August 24
We had coffee in the gazebo this morning and then we had a quick lesson with the rowboat. Annette and I couldn’t seem to master the concept of the sliding seat and rowing at the same time. Barb is the hands down winner. Rumor has it she had some previous experience at camp. I think we will stick to the kayaks. It rained most of the day, along with some thunder, lighting and hail. So we played with the computers while Sherri prepared dinner. The crew from across the lake showed up for dinner with their yellow slickers. They all looked like they were on the same crew team. I took a few picks but you can’t see them. Note to self, you have to put the sim card back in the camera if you expect to see picks. After a great T bone steak dinner and a few wines, the yellow slicker crew headed back across the lake. A great time was had by all. And big thanks to Norm and Sherri for making it happen.
August 25
We had coffee in the gazebo again this morning. What a great way to start the day. It was a little too windy to kayak or play tennis so we decided to try our luck on the Hessel Ridge golf course. We played nine holes of outstanding golf. The ladies went out first and that was the last we saw of them until the 9th hole. They were all sitting there waiting for us to finish. I don’t think they were laughing at us, they were all just so happy to see us. I had the best score and lost, only in golf can you score more points and loose. After golf we had a few beers and headed back to the island. We had another great dinner and a movie before heading off to bed.
August 26
We had coffee in the gazebo again this morning. It was a sad morning because it was our last. We took our last trip across the lake and said farewell to our dear friends Norm and Sherri. We will miss you both so hurry back to Florida. We took another detour and decided to take the road less traveled. We took the coast road along Lake Michigan, with a stop at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park, Norm’s recommendation. What a fantastic site. There huge white dunes that stretch all the way to the lake. It’s a tough climb but well worth the views from the top. After hiking back to the car we had lunch and hit the coast road all the way to Holland Michigan for the night. We had a pizza at Goog’s Pub and Grub and are laying here in bed waiting for it to digest. Another note to self; no pepperoni after 7PM! It’s off to French Lick Indiana tomorrow.
Bob and Annette

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Off to see Norm and Sherri

August 21
We left Lake Placid NY in the rain and it followed us for most of the day, all the way into Canada. The ride through NY was very scenic and some of the foliage is starting to change already. We spent the night in Sturgeon Falls Canada. It’s a real small town with not a whole lot going on. We did have dinner at this little Italian restaurant that was recommended by the hotel staff. They had some great homemade pasta dishes and not so great wine. So we went for a couple of Canadian beers instead.
August 22
The next morning we headed off to Michigan to see Norm and Sherri. Nice ride through the Canadian countryside under sunny skies. We made it through customs and arrived back in the good old USA around 12PM. We met up with Norm and Sherri at the designated pickup point. Of course, we drove right on by and saw an individual waving at us from the parking lot. He looked a lot like Norm. After the U turn, we did some shopping and then headed off to the dock and loaded the boat. We left the dock, than we had to go back for Annette sun glasses. We made it to the other side and while I was helping with the boat, I dropped my sun glasses in the water. I know there’s some Sturgeon out there wearing my prescription glasses. They have a beautiful log home with great views of Snows Channel. After settling in, we took a nice leisurely boat ride around the lake. It was fun checking out all the boat houses and homes along the lakeshore. We returned to the house for cocktails and munchies, and then we caught up on all the happenings from over the summer. The weather didn’t look to promising for tomorrow, so we will have to wait and see.
August 23
After a great night sleep and coffee in the gazebo we headed down to the lake to do some kayaking. The weather turned out to be outstanding and the lake was smooth as glass. We spent most of the morning on the lake. After a fantastic lunch of bratwursts and a roaring fire in the grill, it was off to the tennis courts. No one was injured in the fire and Norm, being the trooper that he is, hung in there and delivered a great lunch. Tennis was fun and it was great being back in the game after not playing in a few weeks. The team of Norm and Annette took the team of Bob and Sherri to the woodshed, for a good old fashion beating. We demand a rematch. On the ride back from tennis we took a detour out to Lake Huron. What a beautiful view of the lake that goes on and on for miles. We took quick showers, and then it was off by boat to see Ed and Phyllis for cocktails. Just to let you know, we found out where all the Palmira folks are hiding out. The munchies were great and it was nice seeing friends from Bonita. After a few picks and kisses and hugs we took one fast boat ride back to Norm and Sherri’s. After dinner we tried staying awake but finally gave in around 10 and hit the sack.
Annette and Bob

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